Johnjay and Rich’s unique content wins across multiple markets and varied formats. It’s that radio instinct that can’t be taught, and it’s knowing what their listeners want. Realizing what makes them laugh, understanding what’s important in their lives, and bringing these elements together each and every morning is Johnjay and Rich.

Phoenix #1 Persons 25-54

Phoenix #1 Women 18-34

Portland #1 Persons 18-34

Portland #1 Women 18-34

Portland #1 Persons 18-49

Tucson #1 Persons 18-34

Tucson #1 Persons 25-54

Colorado Springs #1 Persons 18-34

Fort Collins #1 Persons 18-34


Johnjay & Rich are digital media fluent! Our audience is actively engaged online and Johnjay & Rich interact with their community using the most relevant social networking tools.