richRich Berra is the quick-witted, Catholic school crap talker, and reluctant voice of reason with a heart of gold. He’s obsessed with all things music and, not surprisingly, gifted every girl he “almost” dated with a personalized mix-tape of his favorite current hits.

Rich and his wife, Kristi, have three nerdy children; Joe, Audrey and Christopher, who can file your taxes and recite way too much LORD OF THE RINGS mythology for being under 10.

A St. Louis native, Rich was captivated by radio at 14 during an afternoon bike ride. After stumbling upon YMCA owned radio station, KYMC, he’d found his calling in the studio and jumped on board as part-time employee. By the time he was 17, Rich was running the entire station, while also working a part-time gig that kicked off his career in morning radio. WKBQ recruited Rich to produce morning shows for BIG RON O’BREIN and STEVE AND DC.

In 1991, Rich caught the attention of DAVE, SHELLY AND CHAINSAW at KGB in San Diego and, like his run St. Louis, took the show from #10 to #1 in less than a year.

After a successful stint in San Diego, Rich left the beach city and stormed north Texas when the KIDD KRADDICK show asked him to join their on-air team. Rich’s stretch on KISS in Dallas is, to this date, the highest ratings the station has ever had in mornings. Cross-town rival rocker, THE EAGLE, snatched up Rich next, where he brought #1 ratings in mornings at the station for the first time ever.

But after all his success, Rich was still missing that “thing” he really wanted – the “ultimate” radio partner. That’s when a chance meeting in New Orleans found him teaming up with Johnjay Van Es. The beginning of THE JOHNJAY AND RICH era began in 2001 with its first show airing on KRQ in Tucson. The show has raked in the highest ratings in Tucson’s Arbitron history and is running 12 years strong.

JOHNJAY AND RICH have a unique chemistry and are widely regarded as one of the premiere fun and engaging shows in the entire country. You can hear them on airwaves from Texas to Oregon and everywhere in between.

(youtube video link of show antics)

Check out some of Rich’s on stage guitar acrobatics with artists like FALL OUT BOY, WYCLEF JEAN, KARMIN, MAROON 5 and JESSE MC CARTNEY. (Youtube links)

Rich Berra Fun Facty-ness

  • SONG TO CLOSE A MIX TAPE: Right now, gotta go BRUNO MARS, WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN. But if that’s too fascist, go with COLDPLAY, THE SCIENTIST…always make them think you’re deep.
  • FAVORITE RADIO MOMENT: The first show on the air with JOHNJAY. He’s the best partner I could have ever hoped for. Sick -ass talented and funnier than hell.
  • FOODS THAT INSPIRE: Peanut Butter. BURGERS! And some fresh sushi. Are Swedish Fish their own food group?
  • ODD CELEBRITY CRUSH: Not sure why, but Paula Dean is kinda hot…it’s cause she doesn’t skimp on the gravy.
  • HOW I SPEND MY FREE TIME: I have three little kids that for some reason, refuse to sleep past 6am on the weekends, so it’s “ON”. I love guitars, record stores, hikes, bikes, cars, watches, movies.