johnjayJohnjay Van Es was born to immigrant parents (Mother from Mexico and his Father from Holland), Johnjay Van Es is brash, funny, odd, warm hearted, OCD and many other qualities that we are still diagnosing. Johnjay is constantly looking for unusual ways to improve his health and lifestyle, even if it kills him.

As a child, Johnjay always dreamed of being on the radio. He would often walk around with a microphone and tape recorder interviewing his family members and recording his observations. In an effort to make his dream come true, he got an internship at 91X in San Diego in 1990 and eventually started working in sales for a number of radio stations. But he never let go of his lifelong dream to be on the air. It wasn’t until 1996, after training with the LA based improve troupe The Groundlings that he would get his first on-air job hosting a morning show on WKRQ in Cincinnati. After just three months on the air, he won the Best of Cincinnati award. He also gained notoriety when he convinced Rod Stewart to change the lyrics on his hit song “If We Fall In Love Tonight” and instead sing Johnjay’s name live on the Billboard Awards! As a result, both Rosie O’Donnell and Maury Povich invited him to be a guest on their respective talk shows.

After years of dominating the market in Cincinnati, Johnjay moved up to the top 10 market in Houston, Texas and made his mark in the country format. In 2001, at an industry event, Dr. Phil introduced Johnjay to his radio soulmate, Rich Berra…and The Johnjay and Rich Show was born! Since it’s launch on KRQQ in Tucson, Arizona, The Johnjay and Rich Show can now be heard on 11 cities across the US with over 1 Million web hits monthly to Since 2006 the show is now based out of KISSFM in Phoenix Arizona! In 2007 Johnjay and Rich were guests on The Ellen Show!

Johnjay Fun Facts

  • CHILDHOOD AMBITION: To be on the radio! This is all I’ve ever wanted to do. (Radio…and Dance!)
  • SOUNDTRACK: Anything Bruno Mars or P!NK! (LOVE)
  • PROUDEST MOMENT: I caught a foul ball at my sons little league game with my bare hands saving an old lady from getting her face smashed in! Um also when my kids stop and give. When I see them care for others. When they want to help. When the kids say a blessing before meals. Each time, it’s a proud moment!
  • ALARM CLOCK: Yes. 3 of them. 3:00am, 3:05am and 3:15am.
  • PERFECT DAY: 2 answers: hanging w my wife Blake and my kids, riding bikes up north, BBQing, napping. Or, everybody’s gone, I’m home eating pizza, green grapes, eating Nutella out of the jar, and consuming mass quantities of Mexican food on my sofa watching TV!!! Ahhh yes!
  • FIRST JOB: Pool lifeguard when I was 16
  • INDULGENCE: Milk Duds, Bikram yoga, shirts at Target, women’s feet
  • LAST PURCHASE: Air Force 1 hightop ducks black and tan with red laces. (Bad ass) I have pics on twitter!
  • FAVORITE MOVIE: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hunger Games, Ted, The Vow, All Tom Cruise movies, The Hangover, Space Jam and West Side Story and Magic Mike (don’t judge< Channing is AWESOME SAUCE)
  • INSPIRATION: My Mom and Dad and Lupe Fiasco